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In accordance with the main tasks, the Ministry of Antimonopoly Regulation and Trade of the Republic of Belarus:

  • analyzes and assesses the state of commodity markets, determines the degree of their monopolization;

  • establishes the dominant position of economic entities;

  • controls economic concentration in cases stipulated by legislative acts;

  • applies methods of state regulation of the activities of natural monopoly entities provided for by legislation on natural monopolies;

  • establishes the availability (absence) of a violation of the antimonopoly legislation on the basis of available or received documents and (or) information;

  • develops a methodology for establishing and applying prices (tariffs);

  • carries out the regulation of prices (tariffs) for goods (work, services) of legal entities, individual entrepreneurs for goods (work, services) in respect of which regulated prices (tariffs) are applied;

  • takes binding decisions on eliminating the revealed violations in the field of pricing, cancels prices (tariffs) established by subjects of pricing in violation of the law on pricing;

  • ensures the implementation of state programs for the development of trade, catering and consumer services;

  • approves sectoral programs for the development of trade, catering and consumer services;

  • monitors the domestic consumer market;

  • carries out the creation and maintenance of the Trade Register of the Republic of Belarus and the Register of Consumer Services of the Republic of Belarus;

  • establishes requirements in terms of laboratory control of the quality of public catering products;

  • conducts certification of technological food laboratories;

  • carries out jointly with government agencies measures to saturate the consumer market with goods;

  • carries out within the limits of its competence work on the prevention, detection and suppression of violations of consumers 'rights, cooperates with public associations for the protection of consumers' rights;

  • warns of the facts of improper advertising, issues instructions on eliminating the revealed infringement of the legislation on advertising;

  • carries out state registration of advertising games, control over their conduct;

  • develops measures to improve the implementation of public procurement;

  • monitors the practice of public procurement;

  • examines complaints about actions (inaction) and (or) decisions of the customer (organizer), the commission created by the customer (organizer) in organizing and holding open competitions, private tenders, electronic auctions or procedures for requesting price proposals and (or) its members and accepts Decisions on the results of their consideration

  • provides methodological assistance, consults and develops recommendations in the field of public procurement;

  • executes the issuance of licenses for the export and (or) import of goods, termination or suspension, the renewal of licenses for the export and (or) import of goods, the issuance of their duplicates;

  • issues permits for the re-export of certain types of goods originating from the territory of the Republic of Belarus, other States Parties to the Agreement on the Re-export of Goods and the procedure for issuing a permit for re-export of April 15, 1994;

  • adopts normative legal acts on matters within the competence of the MART, provides explanations on them, organizes and controls their implementation;

  • performs other functions in accordance with the Regulations on the Ministry of Antimonopoly Regulation and Trade of the Republic of Belarus and other legislative acts.